The Miva Entrepreneurship Team (MET) provides support for African entrepreneurs and start-ups with essential solutions. Get visibility for your Start-up

African entrepreneurs and start-ups need help and support. Miva Entrepreneurship Team (MET) is here to help in the following areas:

  • $10,000 Miva Advertising Credit

    Qualified Start-ups and entreprise can use their Advertising credit to advertise on Mivasocial and partner websites.

  • Access to Press & Radio, TV Promotion

    Mivasocial will organize Press Releases, write-Ups, TV and Radio presence to qualified African Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.

  • Fundraising support & Access to Financing

    Mivasocial will support and launch Fundraisers to raise money for African StartUps and Entrepreneurs.

  • Free Website Design, Web Outreach & SEO

    MET will help develop Free SEO ready websites and Apps for Qualified African Entrepreneurs and Startups.

  • Free Secure Web & App Hosting

    Qualified African Entrepreneurs and Startups get free secure, professional Web & App Hosting in the Mivasocial Cloud.

  • Online Promotional Events and showcase

    These events help entrepreneurs & Startups to present their products and services to Africa and the world via ZoomAfrica online Chats.

  • Local Networking and Social Events

    Through online and local networking events, MET will connect start-ups with talented individuals, Money, Vendors and Services.

To get started you must first register your Startup on Mivapedia Start-up and fill out the form below to apply for the Miva Start-up Program.