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Improve communication and the visibility of your company or business in Africa and the world by listing it online in AfricaOne Business Space. We are the Online business Directory of Africa and the Diaspora.

AfricaOne is the first social African online business portal and business directory. Powered by the largest African social network, Mivasocial, AfricaOne gets your business the social visibility it deserves across Africa, the Diaspora and the entire world. Get discovered by clients near and far simply by registering your business in the Africa One Business directory.
The big difference that AfricaOne provides:

  • Easy to use: AfricaOne is easy to use and provides simple search tools to quickly find the business you wish to connect with.
  • Intuitive Search Engine Integration: Every business entry in the AfricaOne directory is meticulously crafted to be referenced on top of the major search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Furthermore automatic integration with Djinam (The African Search engine) allows users to also find African businesses while searching with Djinam.
  • Masterful Social Integration: AfricaOne Business listings are socially integrated with the largest African Social Network (Mivasocial) and therefore appear automatically on the timeline of million users across Africa, the Diaspora and the World for unmatched visibility. After all businesses want to be seen by the right audience. Social tools such as “Mivasocial Afrolove, Share & Reshare”, “Facebook Like and Share” and others are available to allow to help spread the word even farther.
  • 5 star Review System: Customers can review and rate African businesses in order to help others find the best of the best businesses.
  • Geo-location: Map integrations allow for accurate location of African businesses of interests.
  • Vast Coverage Area: AfricaOne Directory covers African Businesses and Diaspora Businesses.

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