Helping Small Businesses Hire the right people.

For small businesses, adding the right people can make all the difference. MivaPro is a leading source of external hires for businesses of all sizes in Africa and the Diaspora. You’ll reduce the costs of recruiting by posting your jobs directly to MivaPro in front of millions of people on the largest African social network. You will be able to quickly screen candidates through your MivaPro dashboard. Hiring African talents has never been this easy.

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    MivaPro is the best Job & recruiting tool for Africa built by MivaSocial, the leading social platform for Africa. With MivaPro, recruiters and employers have access to thousands of candidates across Africa and in the African Diaspora anywhere in the world.. Post your Jobs now

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    Do you need to contract a freelance expert for a project or to do a job for you? African experts are available anywhere in the world and ready to get a quality job done for you at very competitive labor cost. Post your project and find African experts today.. Hire an African Freelancer