Business Investment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities for African people.

The Miva Entrepreneurship Team (MET) at Mivasocial aims to unite Africans to invest together as legal partners in great profitable ventures in the diaspora and in Africa that otherwise can be cost prohibitive to individuals. By pulling resources together, African communities around the world can elevate their reach and start new businesses that can positively impact their lives and the African continent. The challenge has always been about trust and building the right partnership framework. Miva Entrepreneurship Team solves that by being the glue that unite us all.

How it works

The Miva Entrepreneurship Team (MET) researches and organizes possible opportunities, organizes the relevant partnerships, handles profit disbursements and reporting to participating members. Monthly partner meetings are held to discuss progress on all current ventures.

Use the form below to contact us about current Entrepreneurship opportunities. You may also suggest new opportunities using the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hrs.